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Domestic Violence Services Are In Crisis

I did the drawing on this video in March. I’m still proud of the video, and domestic violence services are still in crisis, so I wanted to share.


Movement Snapshots

Really proud to have been part of the Movement Snapshots project with AWID – gorgeous selection of illustrations on their website –

‘What does solidarity mean to your organisation?’


‘What demands do you organise around?’


Gendered public toilets can kiss my arse.

Gendered public toilets can kiss my arse

Really. I understand the need for people to feel safe in public toilets. I do. But they are a place where I am made to feel like my body and my presentation are inadequate. I know that pretty much all women are made to feel like that by society pretty much all the time, but it’s not, for the most part, in terms of whether or not you’re actually a woman at all. And as a cis woman I know I have a whole bunch of privileges in spite of being misgendered all the time. But I wanted to express that it makes me angrysad.