Naked Non Binary Babes Reading: Call for readers

Naked Non Binary Babes Reading poster-01

Naked Non-Binary Babes Reading: Futures in the flesh

Felix and avid reader Kyle are looking for trans princesses, curvy spacemen, genderqueer aliens, gendernaughts, and plus-size robots who have an exhibitionist streak to come read with us on the evening of 21st June!

We’re running a special edition of Naked Boys Reading–an intimate live literary salon, which on May 24th will feature naked non-binary babes transporting us to the future in a curated selection of trans and queer visions and fantasies. Check out the event here:

Apply to be a reader with a short statement of interest on the NBR website — we’re hoping to feature a wide variety of bodies and genders for our event. Please put the title of our event in your form.

Unlike the form suggests, you do not have to have been to an NBR event before, although we will ask you to come have a chat with us before the event. Readers will receive £40 for the event.

We’re avid Naked Boys Reading fans, and although we think that part of the charm of NBR is the nakedness, we realise that not all non-binary babes will want to bare everything on stage. That’s fine! If you’re interested in reading, get in touch, and we can talk about the version of ‘naked’ that’s most comfortable for you.

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