Celebrating Naomi Hirsi

Illustration of Naomi Hirsi as a Somali queen holding a globe: she is a black woman, has a white headband, gold decorative hoop earrings, a gold top part to a red dress, and white beads around her body and the top of her arm. She is holding the globe in her left hand.

A friend of mine is organising a vigil celebrating the life of Naomi Hirsi, a black trans woman who was found murdered last month near Heathrow.


“We lost Naomi Hersi to the heavens and we want to celebrate her ascent. She is looking after us on earth now, so on this Earth day we invite you to hang out and celebrate her life in comfortable surroundings.

The murder of Naomi Hirsi has made my chest feel tight for weeks. A specific burning of anger, sorrow, grief and loss for a girl I didn’t know when she was alive but have come to love in her passing. She was FULL OF LIFE! Her neighbours all said so. The men she linked all said so. She loved her music and her films and her tennis. I asked my mate to draw her as the ancient Somali Queen Arawelo! I also asked that she be seen holding the earth, because I think people force trans girls to be considered as synthetic artificial modern phenomena. I transitioned for spiritual reasons. I felt like the only way I could live on this earth was if my vessel mirrored the femininity of my soul. I’m certain Naomi felt this too. Let’s reflect on the transness that lives in nature and think of how we too are ‘of’ this earth on this upcoming Earth Day. I’ve got so many girls I’m living for. Too many. I imagine her and Venus Extravaganza will be cackling on a cloud and showing a disciple or two a very good time. Cos what would heaven be without heaux? “

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