Black History: Zinzi Minott

Line drawing of Zinzi Minott. She is standing on one leg, leaning right forward with her other leg stretched out behind her. Her hair is up, she is wearing shorts and a cardigan and earrings. The quote reads: "I don't think I can truthfully say that I think any movement of your body, any attempt to own your own body, is ever not political." The rest of the text in the image is in the body of the post.

Zinzi Minott is a dancer and an artist whose work focuses on the relationship between dance and politics. Her work includes dance, objects, writing, song and film, and explores race, class, gender and queer culture.

She is currently Artist in Residence in the Tate Schools workshop at the Tate Modern.

One of her most recent pieces, What Kind of Slave Would I Be? explored this question that Minott asked herself after a visit to the National Gallery’s Tudor collection.

Black History Month – Jay and Tri, CURLture

Jay and Tri, CURLture

Jay and Tri started blogging about how to care for and maintain natural hair in 2014. Since then, their platform has grown and broadened – their website, Youtube channel and Instagram cover black pop culture, beauty and lifestyle.

In 2017, Jay and Tri published KINK, a book of poetry and photography, celebrating black women and their relationships with natural hair, and also with self-acceptance.