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Black History: Verna Wilkins

Line drawing of Verna Wilkins. She is looking to the front. Her hair is tied back in a bun at the base of her neck. She is smiling and you can see her teeth. She is wearing a top, necklace and blazer.

Verna Wilkins is the multi-award-winning author of over 50 picture books and biographies for young people, which have featured on the National Curriculum and BBC children’s television.

Wilkins is the founder of Tamarind Books, launched in 1987 after her 5-year-old son came home with a ‘This is Me’ book in which he was coloured in pink. He refused when Wilkins offered him a brown crayon, saying it had to be pink because it was for a book.

Wilkins ran Tamarind Books for 23 years, championing diversity in children’s publishing. It is now an imprint of Random House UK.

Wilkins now runs inclusive programmes in schools across the UK.