Black History Month: Doreen Lawrence

Line drawing Doreen Lawrence - a woman with thin dreadlocks looks to the left of the page. She is wearing a small stud earring in the shape of a star, and a shirt and blazer.

In 1993, Doreen Lawrence’s son Stephen was murdered in a racist attack. Lawrence was shocked at the callous, racist incompetence of the police officers investigating the murder, and began to actively campaign for justice for her son. Her tireless efforts prompted a judicial inquiry in 1999.

During this time, Lawrence’s anti-racist campaigning was seen as such a threat by the British state that the police spied on her and her family.

The result of the inquiry – the Macpherson Report – concluded that the Metropolitan Police are “institutionally racist”, and this was one of the main reasons they failed to solve the case fully.

Lawrence continues to campaign for justice for victims of racist crimes, and founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to promote a positive community legacy in her son’s name.

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