Black History Month – Hope Powell

Hope Powell

Hope Powell revolutionised women’s football in England.

Playing for Millwall Lionesses at 11, she joined the England team at 16, and was on the team for Englans’ts first World Cup appearance in 1995. She played for Engald 66 times.

At 31, Powell became the youngest coach of any English national football team, and the first woman, and the first person of colour to hold that office.

As coach, she didn’t just coach the seniors, she demanded a total overhaul of investment and support: she oversaw the structure from Under 15s to Under 23s, implemented central contracts so players can now train and play full time (instead of balancing football with another full-time job), and demanded high levels of medical expertise for her players – on par with that provided for men.

Powell is now Women’s First Team Manager of Brighton & Hove Albion.

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